Our customers rate us with 8.5

Plan 50% more effective

More than 9600 scheduled services per day

Our customers rate us with 8.5

Plan 50% more effective

More than 9600 scheduled services per day

Workforce Management
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Our planning software makes planning and communication around flexworkers easy.

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Plan your workforce easily with the Fleks tool

Plan based on availability and easily link your workforce to different projects. With workforce management, you make more efficient use of your database, you can easily draw up your planning and you can easily maintain an overview.

Schedule your workforce to various locations or events. Add a standard location to the client or add a new location per shift. It's all possible with the Fleks personnel planning app. Thanks to the service sharing function, you have an infinite workforce of flex workers that enables you to take on any job from now on.


Discover what the Fleks workflow can do for your workforce management

Within Fleks, you can create a workflow for your workforce per shift. Easily prepare your employees for a shift by setting up the required steps to ensure a shift runs smoothly from start to finish.

Guarantee quality by preparing your employees optimally for the job. You can upload instruction videos, explaining the activities. At the end of the instructions, you can also test your workforce on their knowledge by means of a quiz. This ensures that your flex workers are optimally prepared for their shift.

Per project an evaluation can be added that the employee has to fill in at the end of his/her shift. Receive immediate feedback from your employees when this is still fresh in their minds.


Other Fleks functionalities for workforce management

Keep your employees up to date! Easily send push notifications and personal messages to your employees with additional information or an open shift.

Create employee contracts in the planning app so you can see the status of these contracts immediately. A handy overview of expiring contracts, enabling you to make changes on time.

API and integrations within Flek's Workforce Management. Besides planning, we understand that our customer's service requires more. That is why Fleks provides a smooth link with systems that provide you with a complete IT landscape.


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