Our customers rate us with 8.5

Plan 50% more effective

More than 9600 scheduled services per day

Our customers rate us with 8.5

Plan 50% more effective

More than 9600 scheduled services per day

Attendance recording
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Make sure your staff is on time thanks to presence registration. The Fleks planning app can do it all!

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Manage your on-call workers with the presence registration system

With the check-in and check-out functionality and the location facility, you can see whether employees are actually at the agreed time and place. See well in advance whether employees have signed in and switch on time. Prevent loss of quality and unnecessary costs with our planning app.

Through the Fleks employee planning app, the employee can easily check his/her work history and view pay slips. As a planner, you can then easily check the hours via the same platform and approve the hours worked by your employees. You can fully link this to the time registration system.


Mobile app for employees

Nothing is more important for a successful service than being on time. This way, you start the day well prepared. Fleks believes in close cooperation between the employee and the planner.

A presence registration system for the planner and mobile app for the employee allows for location-independent & real-time communication. The planner can then start his next tasks with peace of mind and the flex worker starts his shift fresh and punctual.


Flexible online attendance recording from Fleks

Did your employee forget to pass on their attendance registration? Send them a reminder! Simply send push notifications and personal messages to your employees with a reminder. These handy push notifications can also easily be used to promote open shifts or to send a reminder to indicate availability.

In addition, it is also possible to let employees determine the time when they have had a break. Many clients set this automatically, even if the employee has not had a break. The time can vary from 5 to 120 minutes and can later be approved by you as a planner or another admin.

Thanks to Fleks, you no longer have any challenges with the presence registration of your flex personnel. Curious? Have a look at the time registration system of Flek and discover the world of smooth planning!


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