Our customers rate us with 8.5

Plan 50% more effective

More than 9600 scheduled services per day

Our customers rate us with 8.5

Plan 50% more effective

More than 9600 scheduled services per day

Personnel planning software and app from Fleks

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Optimise your margins with our staff planning app

What does our workforce scheduling software give you?

  • Increase your database activity by 70% by scheduling based on availability.
  • Save 75% of your time as all communication and administration takes place conveniently within an online environment.
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers by 100%. Thanks to our workflow module, you guarantee the quality of your flexworkers.

Discover the possibilities within our strategic personnel planning.


Why our workforce scheduling software?

Do you have to deal with flexworkers, irregular shifts and different clients? Then a clear overview, clear communication and an efficient administration process is often a challenge. At Fleks, complicated processes and frustration give way to simple planning with pleasure.

  • Easy to use - Our app is so easy to use that you can get started the very same day.
  • The best service - Need help? Our experts can help you via chat.

It can always be easier - that is why we are constantly adding desired functionalities and integrations.


Always the perfect match

Fleks thinks beyond the traditional match in your personnel planning. With the Fleks factors, you increase quality and reduce costs. Set the filter yourself and let our planning software do the work. This way, you ensure the optimal interpretation of your staff planning and everyone benefits from this!

factors-staff planning

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  • Easy switching between different parties
  • Quickly fill open shifts
  • Pass on changes easily


  • Real-time reporting
  • Optimisation of margins
  • Increasing quality

End user

  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Information always at hand
  • Simply submit declarations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workforce planning?

Staff planning is the management of staff attendance. Good workforce planning has the right balance between staffing needs and staff availability, taking into account organizational goals. Workforce planning can affect the productivity and effectiveness of the workforce.

By using Fleks' staff scheduling software, quantitative and qualitative staffing needs can be taken into account so that there are no gaps or double shifts in the schedule. 

What should be included in a workforce plan?

Staff planning is the backbone of project management. A good staff schedule contains everything the staff needs to do the job properly. This includes the right place, the right time and any comments.

Why is good workforce planning important?

Good strategic workforce planning provides clarity within the organization. By effectively deploying staff, the workload can be relieved, and performance increased.

How do you do good workforce planning?

Effective workforce planning seems easier than it is. To create a good staff schedule, the following points are important:

1. An accessible schedule
2. Knowledge of your company's peak and off-peak times
3. Good and easy communication with staff
4. A flexible roster system

The advantage of professional employee scheduling software like Fleks is the insight into costs, availability, absence and required employees. Creating a well-organized staff schedule takes a lot of time and is a complicated job. With the right scheduling software, you can easily and quickly create a strategic staff schedule.

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